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Car Parts Dublin

Ashgrove Interparts Ltd. has been supplying spare car parts in Dublin to garages, mechanics and private individuals for decades. With 4 dedicated locations all over Leinster, we have one of Ireland's largest selection of available spare car parts. What sets us apart is the knowledge and commitment of our spare car part team. We understand the spare car part needs of the modern Dublin mechanic and can suggest the right products to ensure garages can properly service their clients. Car parts in Dublin are subjected to bumper to bumper traffic and near-constant exhaust fumes, which can clog filters and wear down brakes. Speed managing measures like speed bumps can undermine a car’s suspension. Slow-moving traffic can also put extra tension on clutches leading to excessive wear and tear. Our Dun Laoghaire offices can supply the right parts to garages and private individuals to ensure problem parts can be replaced quickly and effectively.

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Dun Laoghaire Dublin Spare Parts

From our Dun Laoghaire car spare parts office we supply:

Dun Laoghaire Dublin Spare Parts

  • Brake Pads

  • Car Filters

  • Car Clutches

  • Car Shocks

  • Car Brakes

  • Are Suspension Replacements

  • Car Batteries

  • Car Timing Belts

  • Car Springs

  • Car Steering parts

  • Wipers

  • Engine Gasket Seals

  • Light Units

  • Bulbs

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