Car Parts Kildare

From our dedicated location in Naas, Kildare Ashgrove Interparts Ltd. offers private vehicle owners, garage owners and repair shop owners a huge collection of vehicle spare parts for all makes and models. 

Ashgrove Interparts Ltd. is a recognised name in the Irish automotive industry, with 4 dedicated locations nationwide. 

Our name is synonymous with value, quality and customer service. 

Our Naas Kildare spare part depot supplies car and automative business owners with the best spare parts at the extremely competitive prices. 

Our Naas offices supply the appropriate vehicle spare parts to garages and car owners all over Kildare.

Need spare car parts in Kildare? Get in contact with Ashgrove Interparts Ltd.’s Naas spare part depot today

Naas Kildare Spare Parts

From our Naas vehicle spare part depot, we offer private vehicle owners, repair shops and garages a comprehensive range of spare parts. Our car spare parts include:

Naas Kildare Spare Parts

  • Car Brakes

  • Brake Pads

  • Car Clutches

  • Car Batteries

  • Car Filters

  • Bulbs

  • Are Suspension Replacements

  • Car Timing Belts

  • Car Shocks

  • Car Steering parts

  • Car Springs

  • Engine Gasket Seals

  • Wipers

  • Light Units

For additional information on our complete collection of car spare parts, get in contact with our Naas Kildare location today.